You And I Are Water Earth Fire Air Of Life And Death

(2020 – 2032)

by Christof Migone

After learning about all the steps involved in making whisky during a three-month artist residency with Marla Hlady at the
Glenfiddich Distillery in Scotland in the summer of 2019 it struck me how inadequate the word ‘whisky’ (meaning ‘water of life’) is.
‘Water of life’ captures only a small part of the process. The title of this work is a 12-word sentence that attempts to convey all
the steps involved more completely.

The project will take 12 years to complete, each year one word of the sentence gets filled, very slowly.

1 You 2020
2 And 2021
3 I 2022
4 Are 2023
5 Water 2024
6 Earth 2025
7 Fire 2026
8 Air 2027
9 Of 2028
10 Life 2029
11 And 2030
12 Death 2031

The project ends on 01-01-2032 (12 years plus a day).

Link to project page on cm site: here.

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In Memoriam Christine Migone (1939-2019).