FROM (2021)

Different From The One Place Time Mood Mindset You Are In Now, part 2 – From

The second edition took up an hour in the middle of the 12-hour online event on December 12, 2021: -And-.

12 artists were invited to provide a 12 minute audiovisual recording of an unlit room in their home different from the one they were in then.

Unoccupied and obscured. Room tones, thin walls. Faint glimmers, light leaks. Located nothings. The present of non-presence. The presence of the not-present.

The recordings were arranged in a grid and the playback sequence was determined by the order in which the recording were received.

1. Mary Walling Blackburn
2. Allison Cameron
3. Barbara Campbell
4. Budhaditya Chattopadhyay
5. Darren Copeland
6. Renato Grieco
7. Michaela Grill
8. Sarah Hennies
9. Marla Hlady
10. Seth Kim-Cohen
11. Francisco Meirino
12. Salomé Voegelin