One (2023)

Different From The One Place Time Mood Mindset You Are In Now, part 4 – One

The fourth edition took up a total of three hours out of the 12-hour event on December 12, 2023: Are (Sommes Sonnes).

12 artists were invited to present a 12 minute audiovisual sort-of-self-portrait.

One (Sommes Personnes). A self that is one, just one, one amongst many. But that's still you, still in a room different from anywhere else—the present of presence fully in a here and now deferred by pressing record. Portraiture that eschews the frontal in favour of the partial—the barely there, the fleeting, the merely-passing-by, the a-bit-askew. Staying still, but not stiff. Alive and well, simply at ease with the minutes passing, the unmomentous moment. The room we see might be the One's home but does not need to be. The person you almost see is One that could be You but is not.

The single-take recordings were stretched from 12 to 15 minutes (à la Warhol). Eight of the resulting 15 minutes were presented in groups of four during the first and last hours of the 12 hour event. Each One was presented on its own, as one, followed by another one, and so on. So, there were four solos grouped in a quartet, times two. The remaining four were presented at the end of hours 7, 8, 9, and 10.

This edition was presented by FADO. The artist selection was done in collaboration with FADO's Artistic Director Shannon Cochrane.

1. Tanya Mars
2. Ronnie Clarke
3. Olga Prokhorova
4. Liina Kuittinen
5. Nadège Grebmeier Forget 
6. Adriana Disman
7. Alice De Visscher & Evamaria Schaller
8. Alice De Visscher & Evamaria Schaller
9. Amélie Laurence Fortin
10. Georges Azzaria
11. Jocelyn Robert
12. Caroline Gagné